16 Things Non-Parent Friends Just Don't Understand

From the absolute necessity of occasional bribes to the can’t-be-messed-with-sleep schedule, we asked Parents editors and Facebook fans to share the things that their friends without kids just don't get about parenting life. 

There are some things your non-parent friends just don't understand. From the amount of coordination it takes to have a night out to the importance of a sleep schedule, our editors weigh in.

“That I'm content spending my evenings with my kids! Also that I can't just " find a sitter" I'm not leaving my children with just anyone..” — Donielle Coleman

“They don't understand how the idea of "fun" has changed. It's no longer going to bars and being out all day/night. "Fun" to me now is being with my kids; snuggling and playing and laughing.” — Ashley Walters‪

"How important a sleep schedule is for kids...they're like, 'Oh just come to a party, she can sleep on our bed!' But it just does not work like that." — Jenna Helwig

"The sheer lack of time that I have to juggle everything in my life." —Elizabeth Anne Shaw

"My non-parent friends don't understand the amount of coordination it takes simply to have a night out." —Liz Krieger

"Everything about bedtime, from why it's important to stick to uor routine [to] why the kid needs to be to bed at teh same time." — Laura Fenton

“If your house isn't baby/toddler proofed we can't possibly relax or have a normal conversation for a second and socialize while our toddler is tearing your house apart.” — Meaghan Clarke

‪”Meet for dinner? Sure, let's meet at 5pm Toddler Standard Time.” — Joanna Clarke

“[C]arrying snacks and toys in your purse is a must, so don't look at me like I'm Mary Poppins and have a million things in my purse, you will thank me because it eliminates meltdowns lol.” — Selena Jones

"There's no such thing as just running out for a drink anymore." — Ayn-Monique Klahre

“Dear non parent friends, I really enjoyed all of the fun times we've had together (bc) ... But I think it is time we reevaluate our friendship dynamics: I am no longer available for spontaneous outings, parties or vacations, if you would like to do any of these things I will need 30-90 days notice.” — Leona Torres

“That having a dog is NOT the same thing as having a child. Not. Even. Close.” — Stephanie Villanova

 “That I can't just pop out for lunch or to go anywhere without first considering the kids. That calling after 9 pm is punishable by verbal firing squad, that coffee is not an option but a vital part of survival, that my house will never be clean again. The list goes on.” — Kiera Johnson

‪”I can't go out to eat last minute and I'm not going to bring my 2, 3 and 4 month old either! Also that sleep is more valuable than gold! “Oh and going to the movies?? What's even playing right now!” —Stephanie Reitenour

"When you have a 22-month-old you cannot eat in a restaurant, ever." — Julia Edelstein

 “That breastfeeding is hard, takes time to learn, and is not a portable jug of milk. You can't make your milk let down any faster that is going to and you can't make your baby hurry up and eat.” — Jeanne Shemonic Wojcieszak

‪“What non parent friends...” — Amanda Gagliardi


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