From the absolute necessity of occasional bribes to the can’t-be-messed-with-sleep schedule, we asked Parents editors and Facebook fans to share the things that their friends without kids just don't get about parenting life. 

“That I'm content spending my evenings with my kids! Also that I can't just " find a sitter" I'm not leaving my children with just anyone..” — Donielle Coleman

“They don't understand how the idea of "fun" has changed. It's no longer going to bars and being out all day/night. "Fun" to me now is being with my kids; snuggling and playing and laughing.” — Ashley Walters‪

"How important a sleep schedule is for kids...they're like, 'Oh just come to a party, she can sleep on our bed!' But it just does not work like that." — Jenna Helwig

"The sheer lack of time that I have to juggle everything in my life." —Elizabeth Anne Shaw

"My non-parent friends don't understand the amount of coordination it takes simply to have a night out." —Liz Krieger

"Everything about bedtime, from why it's important to stick to uor routine [to] why the kid needs to be to bed at teh same time." — Laura Fenton

“If your house isn't baby/toddler proofed we can't possibly relax or have a normal conversation for a second and socialize while our toddler is tearing your house apart.” — Meaghan Clarke

‪”Meet for dinner? Sure, let's meet at 5pm Toddler Standard Time.” — Joanna Clarke

“[C]arrying snacks and toys in your purse is a must, so don't look at me like I'm Mary Poppins and have a million things in my purse, you will thank me because it eliminates meltdowns lol.” — Selena Jones

"There's no such thing as just running out for a drink anymore." — Ayn-Monique Klahre

“Dear non parent friends, I really enjoyed all of the fun times we've had together (bc) ... But I think it is time we reevaluate our friendship dynamics: I am no longer available for spontaneous outings, parties or vacations, if you would like to do any of these things I will need 30-90 days notice.” — Leona Torres

“That having a dog is NOT the same thing as having a child. Not. Even. Close.” — Stephanie Villanova

“That I can't just pop out for lunch or to go anywhere without first considering the kids. That calling after 9 pm is punishable by verbal firing squad, that coffee is not an option but a vital part of survival, that my house will never be clean again. The list goes on.” — Kiera Johnson

‪”I can't go out to eat last minute and I'm not going to bring my 2, 3 and 4 month old either! Also that sleep is more valuable than gold! “Oh and going to the movies?? What's even playing right now!” —Stephanie Reitenour

"When you have a 22-month-old you cannot eat in a restaurant, ever." — Julia Edelstein

“That breastfeeding is hard, takes time to learn, and is not a portable jug of milk. You can't make your milk let down any faster that is going to and you can't make your baby hurry up and eat.” — Jeanne Shemonic Wojcieszak

‪“What non parent friends...” — Amanda Gagliardi