We love them to death but our kids know just the right way to push our buttons. Our editors and readers share their kids' little habits that drive them absolutely crazy.

By Libby Ryan
October 07, 2016

"The one thing my child does that really irks me is demanding of things. It's this greed and materialism that I think has probably been fostered in large part by me. What am I doing wrong or is there something wrong with her that she is too greedy?" — Liz Krieger, Interim Associate Editor, Parents

“My 2-year-old calls me by my first name instead of mom. I hate it so much I try not responding until she uses any version of mom.” — Ashley Boyd

"There's so many things my daughter does that irk meI love her... Every single day, I have to remind her over and over and over to do her morning routine." — Jenna Helwig, Food Editor, Parents

“My daughter is 2 ½ and loves to be "floppy" when I'm taking her for a diaper change. She becomes totally limp and wants to be carried while shouting "I'm being floppy mommy."   Amanda Postle

“13-year-old’s favorite phrase is “I Don't Care!” 11-year-old never stops talking at the dinner table. 8-year-old goes “Mom Mom Mom Mom.” 5-year-old old has to have everything “Right Now!!” And my biggest pet peeve that they all do is interrupt my conversations. I could be on the phone, talking to their Dad or any of them and they will just come up and start talking and then get mad when I tell them to wait.” – Kimberly Abbe Johnson

"She's three and she'll kind of just come after me and just start licking me. And that's gross! And the new thing she does [which is my fault] is she licks her finger and then licks my face like she's cleaning something off my face like I do to her."— Ayn-Monique Klahre, Deputy Editor, FamilyFun

“My 4-year-old lives with three adults (mom, dad, and Mimi). He has gotten in the habit of asking if "somebody" will do X for him – even if I'm the only "somebody" around. Not sure why it drives me crazy, but it does!” — Tanya Webber Rhoades

"My 17-month-old just learned how to say no. It's two tiny little letters but she really grads them out and says, nooooooooo!"  — Grace Bastidas, Editor in Chief, Parents Latina and Ser Padres

“My 6-year-old and 4-year-old boys fight constantly! One is always deviling the other one. When they are separated they are so good! And when I get fed up with their crap and forcibly separate them they hug each other and hold on for dear life. Car rides are extra fun.” — Jerrica Lee

"It was cute at first but my son is now obsessed with drumming. He has a huge drum that he wears and he carries around and if he doesn't have his drum, he makes other things into a drum. It's starting to drive me slowly insane." — Julia Edelstein, Senior Health Editor, Parents

“My 4-year-old daughter, who is fully potty trained and very capable, takes it upon herself to randomly be in such dire need of "assistance" that she will VERY loudly yell out (and sometimes scream) "Mommy can you hear me?" Over and over and over barely taking a breath in between phrases.....While sitting on the potty....and throwing things.”  Tabitha Bradley

"When it is time to get off the iPad, I get "wait, wait, wait!" And it takes at least another "wait, wait, wait" ten more times before he gets off."  Elizabeth Anne Shaw, Editor-in-Chief, FamilyFun

“He runs. Everywhere. All the time. From the moment his little four year old feet hit the floor in the morning, he's running. And not softly. 7 a.m. those hard little feet ZOOM! to the bathroom then ZOOM! into my room then ZOOM! downstairs. All day. Everyday. ZOOM!”  Chelly Andrews