What's worse than hearing your hair stylist say "uh-oh"? Getting any of the following texts from the person watching your kid. OMG.

By Jenna McCarthy
October 31, 2016

Leaving your precious spawn with a near stranger (or even your sister, mother or oldest friend) can be stressful. You know what doesn't help? Cryptic, confusing or just plain creepy text messages. Here, a roundup of things we never EVER want to see flashing on our screens when we're trying to get our date night on.

  1. Do you by any chance know how to get skin out of a zipper?
  2. What's Dylan's favorite hiding place? Just curious. :)
  3. Your creepy neighbor said to tell you thanks for letting him take a shower over here.
  4. Do you keep a hide-a-key anywhere?
  5. I think your smoke alarm is broken. It's been going off for an hour.
  6. So there's been a little accident.
  7. That cute pic I posted on Instagram of the kids in the bathtub already has 121 likes :-)
  8. You might want to pick up some carpet cleaner on your way home. The kind that gets out blood would be good.
  9. If I'm not here when you get home, I just ran out to pick up my boyfriend from work. BRB!
  10. BTW, I'm not going to be able to babysit anymore. I got a real job.


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