Rosé-Themed Mansion Plans to Make All Your Wine-Drinking Fantasies Come True This Summer

The Instagram-worthy experience will be open in New York City from July 12 to October 7. 
Max Flatow for Rosè Mansion

When it comes to wine time, plenty of us are cool with sipping just about any kind, but we can all agree that Rosé has been having a major moment. And now that hot summer days are here, we're even more inclined to ditch Pinot Grigio or Malbecs to go full-fledged "Rosé all day." So, it makes perfect sense that New York City is getting its very own pop-up wine tasting experience devoted to the beloved pink wine: Rosé Mansion

According to the press release, the Mansion is "a limited-time wine tasting experience bringing wines from around the world to one 14-room, picture-perfect experience in New York City. ... The fun, educational vacation-like journey will take attendees through 14 unique rooms inspired by Rosé—the drink itself, the scientific process behind creating it and the regions where it’s most popularly produced."

Guests will get to enjoy eight samples of Rosé throughout the experience (equal to two glasses of wine total!), while learning about the 6,000-year-old wine's history, economics, politics, and science. For instance, they'll learn facts like: Pink wine was the most commonly produced wine in Europe in the 1960s. And pink wines from the Bordeaux region of France were dubbed "Claret" by the English in Europe, because of their clarity and violet hue, and are still referred to this way today!

And beyond getting super-educated on the beloved vino, attendees will have access to tons of Instagram-worthy photo opps, from a giant swinging chandelier to a bar filled with hot pink sand, a bathtub full of roses, and a Blending Lab where you’re invited to blend your own personal, custom Rosé. They'll ultimately land in the Grand Tasting Lounge where they can can purchase glasses and bottles of rosé and snacks, choosing from the largest selection of Rosé in the U.S.! Amazing.

Max Flatow for Rosè Mansion

The Rosé Mansion was created and co-founded by Morgan First and Tyler Balliet, the masterminds behind Second Glass, the most-attended wine-tasting experience targeted toward millennials.

"The Rosé Mansion inspiration for comes from combining a science museum with a highly interactive wine bar," explains Balliet. "I've always loved science museums, because they are hands-on, educational, but still really fun. Why can't we have a version for adults? At the same time, just going to a wine bar is only so much fun. I have a lot of energy, and I want to learn about everything all the time, so that's the basic idea of Rosé Mansion. You buy a ticket for a certain day and time, run through the multi-room experience tasting wine samples and interacting with the exhibits, then you get to drop into the coolest Rosé wine bar on the planet and peruse a list of over 100 Rosés from every wine-producing country we can get our hands on. It's basically my idea of a perfect day!"

Baillet explains that Rosé's popularity—especially among busy parents—doesn't surprise him at all. "What I love most about Rosé is how it's simultaneously delicious, affordable, and so easy!" he says. "I'm a wine expert and when I go into a wine shop it takes me 30 minutes to find a bottle of red or white, and I'm not buying fancy stuff. What has made Rosé so popular is how easy it is to get a high quality bottle for not a lot of money. If you want to go on a date, sure, splurge and get something expensive and fancy. But for hanging out at home, entertaining friends, going to the beach, or just winding down after a hectic day, you can fill your fridge with Rosé, and be perfectly happy!"

And judging from all the Rosé Mansion's delicious and snap-worthy features, there's doubt anyone who pays it a visit this summer will be over-the-moon!

From June 5 to June 17, tickets will be available at at the matinee price of $35. Starting June 18, ticket pricing will remain as follows: $35: ​visits on Monday—Thursday before 4:30pm ● $45:​ visits on Monday—Thursday after 4:30pm, and anytime Friday—Sunday. Follow ​@rosewinemansion​ for updates on special events and additional ticket packages like private dinners! Tickets include access to the Rosé Mansion experience, eight wine samples, a Rosé Mansion collectible pin, a Rosé Mansion wine glass by ​GoVino​, as well as access to the private Grand Tasting Lounge.


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