They may not have been moms, but that doesn't mean we can't guess exactly how they'd parent.
princess figurines in a circle collage
Credit: Peter Ardito

We all have a favorite Disney princess. Heck, Taylor Swift loves hers so much she dressed up as the Little Mermaid to ring in 2019!

While their stories don't cover parenthood, we used our imagination to see what everyone's favorite Disney princesses would be like as moms. Because, why not?

Take a look below to find your Disney princess mom style inspiration.


A free-range mom whose kids wear shirts that say things like “Wild.” She claims they have never had a minute of screen time in their life, but you don’t believe it. And you don’t want to judge, but you could swear you’ve seen the kids playing with a raccoon.


The always-late mom. She screeches into the drop-off line just as the bell rings. Her hair is usually wet. “Hit the snooze too many times!” she calls in apology to the teachers.


The ultimate Pinterest mom. Forget making things out of pallets and Mason jars: Ariel has a small Etsy shop called Gadgets and Gizmos where she sells hair combs made of forks. #sidehustle

Snow White

She has seven kids and takes pictures of them in descending height order. She’s a champion couponer and can pick a thrift store clean in under ten minutes. While your kids are grazing on juice boxes and Goldfish crackers, her polite brood always seem pleased with an apple.


Her home, children, and Instagram account are so artfully curated that you feel like a slob in comparison. Her toddlers are low-key Insta models dressed in harem pants and pulling them off better than you ever could.


She’s the mom who did flash cards with her babies while they were in utero, and now that they’re toddlers, they’re reading full chapter books. Did you read the last New York Times best-seller? Nope, but you know who did? Beast Jr.


She’s the mom who somehow owns and runs a restaurant, does yoga every day, and still finds time to be the best mom on the block. You want to hate her, but she’s so kind she made you feel like it was okay that you watched Muppet Babies 13 times this week.


The strictest mom you know, Cinderella always, always, always insists her kids stick to curfew.

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