July 02, 2015

Q: When I complained recently about having no time to shop for maternity clothes, my boss gave me a big bag of outfits from her past pregnancies, which were all more than five years ago. It was nice of her, but the awful truth is that the stuff she gave me is so out of style I'm embarrassed to wear it. Am I screwing up by not donning her old bubble skirts and cargo pants?

A: Suck it up and wear them. There are some people in life you need to impress and that simply trumps how you feel about your fashionista status. (It isn't your wedding day, after all.) Bust out killer shoes and slam-dunk accessories to make those outfits your own. You can make nearly anything look good with confidence. BTW: Write your boss a thank-you note.

Answered by Rosie Pope



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