13 Moments That Made Us Realize We're Really, Truly Adults

When did you really feel like a grown-up? We asked Parents editors and Facebook fans to share their OMG-I'm-not-a-kid-anymore moments. Can you relate?

When's a moment it hit you that you're really, truly an adult? When you bought your first home? When you had your first child? Our editors weigh in.

"The moment my Mom's voice came out of my mouth!" — Erin Nickel

"Yesterday on my way to pick up my 3 year old from daycare. A little girl sees me go by and says, 'Hi Tiana's mommy!'" — Tina Maria Patterson

"When my husband deployed and I had to care for our then 18 month old without his help. It made me realize that I was an adult and had to put my son's needs and feelings above my own, even when I wanted to sulk about my husband being gone." — Amanda Dykeman

“We were on vacation. And we had dinner in an Italian restaurant. My daughter was about two years old. And I was carrying her to take her to the bathroom, and she threw up. All over me, all over her, and all over the restaurant floor. And at that moment, I knew that I was the one that had to deal with this.” — Jenna Helwig

“Having a kid coming is making me feel very adult right now!” — Julia Dennison

"When I went outside and yelled at the roofers working next door. The foul language had been bothering me all day but the second my then two year old repeated it, I took charge.
Second time was buying a house. I started out young and clueless, but closed on it a much bigger and stronger person who stood up for our wishes." — Sheri Garvey

“It was when I brought my baby home from the hospital, and it hits me, like, wow, I'm in charge of this person.” — Erika Janes

"When my son told me I could fix anything. Because I was a mom. I remembered being very little and thinking the same. That adults could fix anything." — Nicole Burgess

"When my younger teenage cousins called me the police! At 28... I realized I was no longer cool.LOL" — Chantel Perez

"Realizing you made an adult out of your child perhaps." — Joseph Moniz Âû

"When I realized what a credit score is!! Lol!" — Traci Brown Guthrie

“I think buying my house, which was before I had kids actually. When you sign your name 95 times on documents and promise all your future income to this house. After I had my kids, the first time I felt like an adult was taking my daughter to that first pediatrician appointment. When you're like, I'm her mother.” — Jessica Hartshorn

“Every time I go into mama bear mode where I feel super protective of my kids I feel like okay, I'm the grown up here. Especially when I see their little faces and realize I am the protector." — Grace Bastidas

"I've been married for 10 years, have 3 kids and a bachelor's degree...and I STILL don't feel like an adult." — Joseph Kulha

"Some days I STILL forget I'm the adult" — Amanda Morris Bledsoe

"I am?...When did that happen!!??" — Diana Velasquez Hoots


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