Is it too soon to crown 2018's mom of the year?

By Lauren Pardee
January 05, 2018
Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Ladies, take notes—the latest tweet to go viral has the internet praising one evil-genius mother after she tricked her husband into thinking her $275 makeup purchase was actually a utility bill. This triumph truly deserves a standing ovation.

The couple’s daughter is sharing her ultimate fly on the wall moment after overhearing her parents discuss their finances. According to a tweet posted by @Trishaaaayyye, her father grew suspicious of an expensive purchase made at makeup retailer, Ulta.

“What’s U-L-T-A? $275? Is that utilities?” her father inquired.

That's when one mother's improv inspired all social media loving women around the world. "Yeah, I payed the bills," she said.

Now that’s how it’s done—calm, understated, and no sign of regret. Not to mention the husband continued to thank his wife afterward for taking care of the bills. Someone get this lady a crown.

To top it all off, @Trishaaaayyye’s reaction to the interaction sums up how we are all feeling, “Lmao I AM SCREAMING.”

Twitter users are praising @Trishaaaayyye for sharing her story in the best way they know how—with hilarious memes, of course.

Thank you @Trishaaaayyye's mother, we are not worthy of your greatness.


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