ICYMI: The word is now used as a term of endearment for deserving celebs, including those without kids. And all of us actual moms have much in common with our famous counterparts.

By Sabrina James
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MOMs are epic.

Being a mom is awesome, right? Just ask Beyoncé, Adele, or Kylie Jenner.

The MOM trend first got mainstream attention when Kim Kardashian tried to #BreakTheInternet by tweeting out the Paper magazine cover featuring her oil-slathered bod. Singer Lorde responded to Kim’s tweet with one word: MOM. After some people were confused by the meaning, Lorde took to Tumblr: “[I] wrote ‘MOM,’ which among the youthz is a compliment; it basically jokingly means ‘adopt me/be my second mom.'"

MOMs deserve respect.

The first rule of the MOM club is that no one is allowed to say anything bad about your MOM. During the election, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a negative comment about then-candidate Donald Trump, which resulted in his tweeting that her “mind is shot.” A writer at Jezebel jumped to her defense with a post titled, “You Leave Our Mom Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alone, You Monster.”

MOMs give life.

Glitter-fueled singer Kesha explained in a recent Yahoo! Style interview that she discovered “MOM” while scrolling through her social-media posts. At first she somewhat nervously wondered if she looked like a mother in her pics (um, you say that like it’s a bad thing, Kesha…ouch), but then she realized that ‘MOM’ was just a nice way her fans were saying that she “gives them life.” Which does not mean 10 months of pregnancy and 12 hours of labor (so old-school!). It stands for giving someone energy, validity, or significance.

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