Certain media outlets would have us believe that moms can ruin anything just by association, but today’s cool-as-heck mothers prove that the word “mom” is a huge freaking compliment.

By Sabrina James

Mom Hair

In the New York Times article “Have ‘Mom Hair’? Here’s How to Fix It,” a writer describes the cut as a “bob that should read sleek but is inescapably frumpy.” Um, no. The ’do is the height of style, as you’ve seen it on decidedly unfrumpy childless celebs such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emilia Clarke, not to mention plenty of chic stroller-pushers who—gasp!—really rock short hair.


Mommy Blogs

Moms who write on the interwebs are called “mommy bloggers,” which is condescending considering moms who bake or have a medical degree aren’t labeled as “mommy bakers” or “mommy doctors.” And in a world where more people seek connection through a screen, reading (and writing) about real struggles moms experience can be life-changing.


Mom Jeans

The infamous Saturday Night Live sketch made high-waisted, light-wash, tapered-leg denim seem dated, but check out any music festival or Kardashian/Jenner paparazzi pic and you’ll see that this style is in fact quite hot again.


Moms' Night Out

If people think a moms’ outing means a ho-hum night of wine and PTA gossip, then we’re pulling off the biggest ruse in the history of ever. It may not get as wild as the antics in Bad Moms, but even if it does... we’ll never tell.

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