20 Mom Groups Worth Joining on Facebook

From breastfeeding tips to social support and everything in-between, here are the best online communities for moms across America.

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We've all heard that parenting requires a village and for some of us, part of that village is definitely found online.

In 2022, 93% of moms reported using some kind of social media and despite a fall in popularity in the world of platforms, the majority of moms still use Facebook as a primary platform. Moms turn to Facebook and social media for everything from news to connecting with others to finding product recommendations for their lives.

A 2015 Pew Center study found that 59% of parents have "come across useful information specifically about parenting" while scrolling through social media, a number that has certainly only increased as social media has become more central to all of our lives. And 42% of all parents surveyed said they had "received social or emotional support from their online networks about a parenting issue in the last 30 days."

But parents who identify as moms especially are seeing the advantage of online networking with 66% of them finding "helpful parenting information" via social media. (48% of dads said the same.) And while social media may be ever-evolving, with more parents exploring other ways to stay connected on different platforms like TikTok, Be Real, and Instagram, Facebook groups may still offer parents who are looking for some more support a way to stay connected.

Take a look at 20 of the best Facebook groups that are worth checking out and joining for a little mom-to-mom support.

10 Groups for General Mom Life

1. Mom Life

Started by Eva Chen, the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram and a children's book author, this group encourages moms to share tips/tricks, offer support, and use it as a "happy place for happy mom things."

2. Parenting in a Tech World

This group, run by the app Bark, is meant to help parents contend with the "ever-changing landscape of raising kids in the digital age. It provides a much-needed space for parents to support each other, get the scoop on cool apps, latest trends, and all things tech-related."

3. The Mom Squad

This small but quickly growing group was formed to help moms "build long-lasting friendships and establish a strong support group" with one another. (Note that a larger group with more than 38K members goes by the same name and is meant to be a place for advice and unfiltered chat.)

4. Working Moms Support Group

This spot, started by a mom from South Africa, is meant for employed moms to "politely vent about everyday life, kids, work, hubbies," as well as "share useful tips, recipes, ideas and post photos of family and inspirational quotes."

5. Moms in Tech

If you work in tech, this space is for you to trade job openings, project tips, and generally connect with other moms in the biz. This group has over 17K members and has multiple pages within the group to sub-specialize as well. To be accepted into this group, you must work in tech now or in the past. Mods note that the group is "not for tech hobbyists, students or others trying to break into tech." Members will also need to accept the inclusivity, values, and diversity rules of the group.

6. Cat & Nat Chat

This super-group of more than 47K members was founded on the motto, "Make motherhood a sisterhood." It's a place for moms to connect with one another and ask for advice related to parenting, as well as more general topics on their minds. The group also notes that it is an inclusive community and "a drama free zone with a zero tolerance policy."

7. The Mom Rant

With more than 13,000 members, this group is aimed at giving moms a safe space to "vent anything and everything." That includes toddler tantrums and fights with a spouse or partner.

8. The Fussy Baby Support Group

Parents of little ones who are dealing with colic or are simply fussy will find this supportive zone beneficial. It's meant for asking questions and seeking advice (which is encouraged to be rooted in experience). This group is very active and has over 58K total members.

9. Grown and Flown Parents

This community is for parents of 12-25 year olds and meant to be a "judgment-free zone" to discuss parenting teens, college kids, and young adults. It's also very heavily active and incredibly popular, with over 287K members. The group also offers a free College Guide checklist, so it may be especially helpful for any parent sending a child off to college soon.

10. Mom's Support Group

If you're looking for a group that goes beyond your local community, this worldwide group offers over 245K members and is aimed at serving as a "support group for mothers and mothers to be from all over the world to come together to ask and answer questions, for shares and rants." The group also notes that it uses the latest "studies" and "up-to-date information" to guide the group.

Groups Related to Feeding Your Baby

11. Expressions! Lactation Services

This group is an evidence-based community and support network offering fact-based advice on the topics of breastfeeding and infant nutrition. The group owner is Lydia Dailey, who also happens to be an international board-certified lactation consultant and RN, BSN. Many of the admins are also IBCLC's, CBS's, RN's, and more.

12. Baby Led Weaning

This group of more than 88K members aims to provide encouragement and support for moms who are weaning their babies. Baby Led Weaning is a public group, so anyone can see the posts at any time and you don't need to be accepted into the group.

13. Exclusively Pumping Mamas

As the name implies, this group is meant to support moms who exclusively pump, and boasts more than 37K members. Moms who combo feed both breast milk and formula milk are also welcome in the group and it makes a special note that there is absolutely no formula-shaming allowed.

14. Formula Feeding Mommas

While this group of over 31.6K members is named for formula feeding "mommas" and is limited to women only, the admins also make a point that the group is not limited to parents who feed their babies formula only, so all types of feeders are welcome! "We are here to support each other with the logistical and emotional aspects of ffing. However, we are NOT a breastfeeding bashing group! This group supports ALL mother's in however they choose to feed their child," the admins say.

Groups Related to Feeding Bigger Kids

15. Feeding the Littles

This large group aims to provide a safe space for sharing recipes, asking questions, and getting advice about feeding picky kiddos. The group adheres to gentle parenting practices and notes that group members can expect to find recipe ideas that include "family foods that are BLW friendly, finger food recipes, and puree ideas. We have families of all varieties, philosophies, and income levels in here and this is not a place to debate the merits of organic vs conventional or GMO/GEO vs non-GMO/GEO. Every family is free to make their own choices for what to feed. We all come from a variety of parenting styles and from a variety of backgrounds."

16. Parenting Picky Eaters

A safe space for parents of finicky eaters, this group boasts more than 83.8K members and is moderated by U.K. feeding consultant, Jo Cormack, pediatric dietitian, Natalia Stasenko, and children's nutritionist and therapist, Simone Emery.

Special Interest Groups Filled With Helpful Tips

17. Special Needs Parents Support & Discussion Group

While not mom-specific, this group has over 55K members and is aimed to help anyone "touched by someone with special needs to find support and resources." The group is active and does have a list of rules, mainly aimed at creating a supportive environment, that you will need to agree to before joining.

18. Kids' Crafts and Activities

Moms who are on the hunt for easy, entertaining, fun DIY art and craft projects will love this huge group, in which more than 99K members trade their best activity ideas. Pop in when you need inspiration on a rainy day or just want to browse some fun ideas.

19. Autism Moms Support Group

Moms with children, no matter their age, who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder may find support in the very active group of over 35.5K members. One note: you will need a Facebook account that's at least 3 months old to apply.

20. Car Seat Safety

Looking for car seat safety tips or want to get feedback on specific concerns or questions? This group is a go-to spot because it's staffed by volunteer Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. 

If you want more support, be sure to listen to Parents "That New Mom Life" podcast for expert advice on breastfeeding, the emotional highs and lows of motherhood, sleepless nights, and more!

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