20 Mom Groups Worth Joining on Facebook

From breastfeeding tips to social support and everything in-between, here are the best online communities for moms across America.

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No matter what "village" you technically reside in, it's never been easier for you to connect with another parent, thanks to social media. A Pew Center study found that 59 percent of parents have "come across useful information specifically about parenting" while scrolling through social media. And 42 percent of all parents (50 percent of moms, 28 percent of dads) surveyed said they had "received social or emotional support from their online networks about a parenting issue in the last 30 days."

But moms especially are seeing the advantage of online networking with 66 percent of them finding "helpful parenting information" via social media. (Forty-eight percent of dads said the same.) It makes sense then why many moms have taken advantage of Facebook groups to connect with others who live near and far on a wide variety of subjects—think breastfeeding, kids' meals, and everyday parenting rants.

Take a look at 20 of the best Facebook groups that are worth checking out and joining for a little mom-to-mom support.

Groups for General Mom Life

1. Mom Life

Started by Eva Chen, the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram and a children's book author, this group encourages moms to share tips/tricks, offer support, and use it as a "happy place for happy mom things."

2. #ParentsIRL

Full disclosure: This one is run by the editors of Parents. You can interact with editors, many of whom are also parents, and share your biggest struggles. Your posts may even inspire what is covered on Parents.com.

3. Parenting in a Tech World

This group is meant to help moms contend with the "ever-changing landscape of raising kids in the digital age. It provides a much-needed space for parents to support each other, get the scoop on cool apps, latest trends, and all things tech-related."

4. The Mom Squad

This small but quickly growing group was formed to help moms "build long-lasting friendships and establish a strong support group" with one another. (Note that a larger group with more than 30,000 members goes by the same name and is meant to be a place for advice and unfiltered chat.)

5. Working Moms Support Group

This spot is meant for employed moms to "politely vent about everyday life, kids, work, hubbies," as well as "share useful tips, recipes, ideas and post photos of family and inspirational quotes."

6. Moms in Tech

If you work in tech, this space is for you to trade job openings, project tips, and generally connect with other moms in the biz.

7. Cat & Nat Chat

This super-group of more than 53,000 members was founded on the motto, "Make motherhood a sisterhood." It's a place for moms to connect with one another and ask for advice related to parenting, as well as more general topics on their minds.

8. The Mom Rant

With more than 13,000 members, this group is aimed at giving moms a safe space to "vent anything and everything." That includes toddler tantrums and fights with a spouse or partner.

9. The Fussy Baby Support Group

Parents of little ones who are dealing with colic or are simply fussy will find this supportive zone beneficial. It's meant for asking questions and seeking advice (which is encouraged to be rooted in experience).

10. Grown and Flown Parents

This community is for parents of 15-25 year olds and meant to be a "judgment-free zone" to discuss parenting teens, college kids, and young adults.

Groups Related to Feeding Your Baby

11. Expressions! Lactation Services

This page was initially started as a page for a Tennessee-based business but has morphed into a support network offering fact-based advice on the topics of breastfeeding and infant nutrition. The group owner is Lydia Dailey, who also happens to be an international board-certified lactation consultant and nutritionist.

12. Baby Led Weaning

This group of more than 70,000 members aims to provide encouragement and support for moms who are weaning their babies.

13. Exclusively Pumping Mamas

As the name implies, this group is meant to support moms who exclusively pump, and boasts more than 26,000 members.

14. Formula & Bottle Feeding Support Group

This community with more than 4,000 members has been around since 2014 and aims to "help and support moms with bottle feeding in any way" they can.

Groups Related to Feeding Bigger Kids

15. Feeding the Littles

This large group aims to provide a safe space for sharing recipes, asking questions, and getting advice about feeding picky kiddos.

16. Parenting Picky Eaters

A safe space for parents of finicky eaters, this group boasts more than 8,000 members and is moderated by U.K. feeding consultant Jo Cormack alongside children's nutritionist and therapist Simone Emery.

17. Instant Pot Parents

If you love whipping up meals with your Instant Pot, this large community (more than 19,000 members and counting) of like-minded parents is for you.

Special Interest Groups Filled With Helpful Tips

18. Kids' Crafts and Activities

Moms who are on the hunt for easy, entertaining, fun DIY art and craft projects will love this huge group, in which more than 62,000 members trade their best activity ideas.

19. Moms Who Run

If you love hitting the pavement or the treadmill, or you're thinking you might like to start, you can find support from this group of mom runners.

20. Car Seat Safety

Looking for car seat safety tips or want to get feedback on specific concerns or questions? This group is a go-to spot.

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