Mom Brain: TV Moms We Love (And Want to Be Like!)

Who's your favorite TV mom? From Claire Dunphy on "Modern Family" to Caroline Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie," our editors weigh in on the TV moms they love.


My favorite TV mom of all time Well I have two. My favorite TV mom is the Julie Bowen character on Modern Family For modern moms I think Claire Dunphy from Modern Family is hilarious. Claire Dunphy. She is silly and crazy, but she loves her kids so much. She's so loveably neurotic and makes me feel a little bit better about myself because I think maybe I'm not quite that controlling. I feel like I can totally relate to her relationship with her husband and. The fact that she works, but holds it all together at home. She gets up earlier then everybody else. I would probably say Gloria from Modern Family. So many things about that character just remind me of my own life. She's a Latina like I am, and she's celebrating her culture every possible way. I watch Homeland She's not a mom crush. When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of reruns Little House on the Prairie. From childhood, I loved Little House on the Prairie. So Ma Ingalls. And I loved Ma. Or Ingalls mom. I mean frontier woman. How could you not admire Ma Ingalls right? She was so sweet and Nurturing and patient, but she also knew how to stand up to Pov when she had to. Major throwback. I would say Lucy Ricardo. Murphy Brown when she had her baby as a single mom on TV back in the early 90s just knocked my socks off. You know it was a fantasy, but I've never seen somebody whose life was less changed by parenting than Lucy Ricardo it was only fun. I don't know that I'm really like her, but I aspire to be. [MUSIC]

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