Mom Brain: Things Your Non-Parent Friends Just Don't Understand

There are some things your non-parent friends just don't understand. From the amount of coordination it takes to have a night out to the importance of a sleep schedule, our editors weigh in.


My non-parent friends don't understand the amount of coordination it takes to simply have a night out. [MUSIC] Do I have non-parent friends? The sheer lack of time that I have to juggle everything in my So you know, it's just if somebody says hey can you go out for drinks tomorrow night or next Wednesday it's gonna be a while until I can get back to you. So when I do want to see my girlfriends we usually have to plan it about a month in advance. Whether it be arranging for my husband to be home or trying to get the babysitter to stay late or putting the kids to bed then On the subway and whatever, there's no such thing as just running out for a drink anymore. They do not understand that when you have a 22 month old, you cannot eat in a restaurant ever. One thing that my non-parent friends don't understand is how important a sleep schedule is for kids. Everything about bedtime. They're like just come to a party, and she can go to sleep on our bed. It just does not work like that. From why it's important to stick to our routine why the kid needs to be to bed at the same time. Also naps. Naps are super important and I feel like non-parents just don't get that. [MUSIC]

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