Mom Brain: The Moment It Hit You That You're Really, Truly an Adult

When's a moment it hit you that you're really, truly an adult? When you bought your first home? When you had your first child? Our editors weigh in.


When did it hit me that I was really truly an adult. Gosh. For me that moment came long before I became a parent. I think buying my house which was before I had kids actually. It was when we went to buy our first home. When you sign your name 95 times on documents and promise all your future income to this house. Believing you're an adult. Having a kid coming is making me feel very adult right now. It was when I brought my baby home from the hospital, and it hits you like, wow, I'm in charge of this person. After I had my kids, the first time I felt like an adult was taking my daughter to that first pediatrician An appointment. When you're like, I'm her mother. We were on vacation. And, we had dinner in an Italian restaurant. My daughter was about two years old. And I was carrying her to take her to the bathroom, and she threw up. All over me, all over her, and all over the restaurant floor. And at that moment, I knew That I was the one that had to cope with this. I feel like going through the airport with my kids and having to show the little documentation and something about the airport just made me feel like I'm in charge of these kids. My mom was not there to help clean up. So I knew sadly at that moment I was a grown up. Every time I go into mama bear mode where I feel super protective of my kids I feel like okay, I'm the grown up here. Especially when I see their little faces and realize I am the protector. [MUSIC]

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