Mom Brain: That Thing My Child Does That Irks Me

Our editors reveal the things their children do that irk them. Do you recognize any of these annoying, weird, or just plain gross kid behaviors?


The one thing my child does that really irks me is There's so many things my daughter does that irks me, I love her Demanding of things Let's see It's this greed and materialism that I think probably has been fostered in large part by me. I feel like the toilet thing is too embarrassing. What am I doing wrong, or is there something wrong with her, where she is too greedy. She's three, and then she'll start coming after me and start licking me. And that's gross, and then the new thing that she'll do, which is my fault, is that she'll lick her finger and then wipe my face, as if she is cleaning something off of my face. Like I do to her. My 17 month old just learned how to say no. That's not a good one. Sorry, I'm having a hard time with this one. You know, it's two tiny little letters, but she really drags them out and says no. Should I do? It's not that funny. It was cute at first, but my son is now obsessed with drumming. When it is time to get off the iPad, and I only get wait, wait, wait. And it takes at least another wait, wait, wait ten more times before he gets off. He has a huge drum that he wears, that he carries around. And if he doesn't have his drum he turn other things into a drum. Every single day I have to ask her over, and over, and over again to do her morning routine. It's starting to drive me slowly insane. [MUSIC]

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