Mom Brain: That Moment Your Child Was an A**hole

Can you recall a moment your child was an a**hole? If you have a toddler, can you recall a moment he wasn't one?? Our editors weigh in.


Can I recall a moment my child was an a-hole? [LAUGH] I'm gonna pass on that one. Most moments [LAUGH] when you have a toddler I would say sort of qualify. Right before bedtime when I'm trying to sing them Like a good night lullaby. My older one will just sing right over me. Total nonsense, top of her voice, waking up the other one. And it drives me crazy. There's a time he threw his dinner on the floor. My then five year old son was using my friend's banister as a ramp and sliding down it. And I didn't realize it was going on. I was helping in the kitchen, and she went out. She's like, stop that! And he looked at her and said, you're ruining my life. I think on her fifth or sixth birthday, and she had another party to go to on the day of her own party. And when she left the party, she realized she didn't get a goodie bag, or perhaps there wasn't a goodie bag. And she started screaming and carrying on, and demanding a goodie bag in a way That was so embarrassing. We're going home now. I don't know, what else could I do? We're going home now. My little boy's only ten months old, so he really hasn't gotten there yet. [MUSIC]

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