Mom Brain: Places Moms Go for Me-Time

Where do you go to escape for me-time? The hair salon? Your local coffee shop? Even the bathroom?? Our editors weigh in.


Where do I go to escape for me time? [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Me time. [LAUGH] I go to the bathroom. I know it's sad, but yes, that's where I can get a little me time right away. The shower. I guess that's sort of a clich¿¿, but when you're a mom, you're busy. I do take an extra long shower. My closet is a good place for a quick 30 second regroup. This is kind of sad, but the subway ride for my commute to and from work actually is kind of me time because that's when I get my reading done. I love to read. In my room, with a good book. I sneak to the yoga classroom for me time. I should exercise, that should be TV Time, but that doesn't really happen. And sometimes someone brings their daughter to my yoga class. And then I'm kind of bummed, because can't this just be all grownups? I just want a room of grownups. Just for a little bit. [LAUGH] Really any room that my kid isn't in, I'll make up an excuse something I need in there. The main place I go to escape for me time is Getting my hair done. The nail salon is one of my go-tos. After bedtime, I'll go get mani-pedi, and I always get the extra ten minutes of massage. So that's kind of like this [INAUDIBLE] ambiguous thing that could just take hours and hours. I love to go to my local coffee shop, and have a cup of coffee by myself Without juggling a kid and a stroller and all the other usual things that I have with me. That's something I love to do on the weekend. [MUSIC]

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