Mom Brain: My First Clue That I Was Pregnant

What was your first clue that you were pregnant? Feeling nauseous? A heightened sense of smell? Our editors weigh in.


The first clue that I was pregnant was definitely feeling nauseous. Well, my period's always been like clockwork. So the second I saw that it didn't arrive I thought I'm pregnant. And it's a different kind of nausea. It's not seasick, it's not carsick. And my husband went straight to the One of the local shops and bought a pregnancy test. And it was positive. And then we sat around the whole day in disbelief. It's not morning sickness. It's all day. I think my first clue that I was pregnant was that I was tired all the time. In the shower, and I don't know, pregnant ladies, you can probably relate Boats. If you're facing the water, it just basically feels like bullets right on those nipples. I was getting a lot of headaches, but I was tracking every single day. I was waiting for this baby, so I took the test at the first possible moment. With my son's pregnancy, I was a bowl of chips and queso. I ate like three, and I was like I don't feel so good. And my cousin was like, you're pregnant. Garlic, I was smelling that for weeks, in my kitchen Pretty sure I hadn't actually cooked with it recently [LAUGH] but, I could smell it. Mm-hm. I guess I like chips and queso. She knew immediately when I could not eat a bowl of chips and queso, that I must be pregnant. And she was right. [MUSIC]

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