Mom Brain: Love & Marriage After Kids

It's inevitable: Your relationship with your spouse or partner will change after you become parents. Our editors weigh in on both the good and the bad of life after kids.


I think your relationship with your spouse changes after you have kids because, for one thing, there is just a lot more to argue about. Every time we have an argument now, I can't fester. I have to get on with things, so we just make up and keep it moving. We used to eat out all the time. We used to relax, we used to go on exotic vacations. Now, we are home a lot. Now, before kids, there were only certain things to argue about. But after kids, you can argue about what they eat, what are they gonna wear, when are they gonna sleep, everything that has to do with parenting, money. So, in that sense, it's probably not so great. I would say be my relationship with my spouse changed less then I would have anticipated. When you have kids you see your partner in a new light and for me that light was really positive for the most part because my husband is an amazing dad. He's just such a good guy and it really comes through when he's with our kids. He's funny and he's patient and And he's playful, and all of his, really his best qualities come out when he's with our kids, and it's really, really sweet. We both have this little person that we love so much, and it's bound us more closely together. I mean, look, there's nothing like it. You're raising a child or children together. It's magical time, you're watching a being grow up and Becoming a fully formed child and then an adult someday, and I don't know, that's pretty awesome as a couple.

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