Mom Brain: Celebrity Mom Crush

Who's your celebrity mom crush? From Michelle Obama to Chrissy Teigen, our editors weigh in on the celeb moms who are #goals.


Celebrity mom crush. You know what, I have a good answer for that one. I got one. [MUSIC] My celebrity mom crush is probably Michelle Obama. Christy Turlington. Eva Mendez. I think it's because I'm trying to get closer to Ryan Gosling. She's awesome, she's fierce, she works hard. I feel like her daughters are growing up to be nice young ladies. The fact that she's doing work in the non profit sector for mothers is really [UNKNOWN]. And she has Freaking amazing arms. Julia Roberts. She just seems very chill, very relaxed, very non-Hollywood, which I kind of appreciate. My celebrity pregnant mom crush has to be Keira Knightley. When she was asked what her birth plan was, and she said [LAUGH] her birth plan was to get the baby out. I love Chrissy Teigen. I would say my celebrity mom crush is Tina Fey. For a brand new mom to have the kind of confidence and irreverence that she has. I think that's amazing. I love that she's a working Being mom. I love the bossy pants and I feel like she really gets the working mom struggle. I've always loved Reese Witherspoon and then I liked her even more after she had kids and still was kinda like cute and stylish and seem like a fun mom so I guess my celebrity mom crush is just a mom who seems like she's not a mom. [MUSIC]

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