Mom Brain: Awkward Moments With My Babysitter

Our editors share the awkward and embarrassing moments they've had with their babysitters. Do you relate to any of these cringe-worthy moments?


My aunt is my babysitter, which is just made for a tone of awkwardness. So every time I have to reprimand her, I sort of put the blame on my husband. When my daughter was about eight weeks old We dared venture out and left him with this girl who was about 16 years old. The first day she was there I said well let me take a picture of you two together. You know to mark your first day, it will be like a little celebration we'll look back on. She sent us a text and was like, the baby had yellow diarrhea everywhere what do I do? The real reason I did it was just in case I had to show a photo to the police Of the nanny with my daughter. I just felt like it was a safe thing to have. I don't know what to tell you. That's normal. You're just going to have to deal with it. The most awkward moments I've had with my babysitter are when I pay her too little and I mess up with the math and it's horrified. I was sharing my babysitter with another mom, and I was writing a semi-snarky text about the babysitter, and guess who I sent it to. I sent it to the babysitter. It was so terrible, I was in a restaurant and I gasped out loud. Hopefully it will never happen again. [MUSIC]

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