Although our kids may want to read the same story and watch the same show over and over and over again, we'd prefer just a little variety. Our editors and writers confess the children's books and TV shows that their kid loves but they just can't stand.

By Libby Ryan
October 17, 2016

"The book I would like to never see again is called Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? It is the most repetitive, boring book in the history of the world, and yet, my son and every other kid I know is obsessed with it." — Julia Edelstein, Senior Health Editor, Parents

"The extended version of Frozen, in book form. Beautifully illustrated, so nice, but it's so so long. And we all know what happens! And I'm totally tired of reading it." — Ayn-Monique Klahre, Deputy Editor, FamilyFun

"The one children's book I never want to read again is I Love You Forever. I received it as a gift, I read it when my son was born, I cried the entire way through, and I never read it again."  Elizabeth Anne Shaw, Editor-in-Chief, FamilyFun

"My 9-year-old watches this weird Australian show now on Netflix called Mako Mermaids or something like that. It's super cheesy and she's only allowed to watch it if she wakes up earlier than we do on the weekend." — Lisa Milbrand, Contributing Editor,

"It has to be I Love You Forever. That book. Just like, what the hell? It's so amazing and sweet but at the same time, way to mess with the world's minds!"  — Julia Dennison, Digital Director,

"The children's book and TV show that I never want to look at again is poor sweet Dora. I've read so many Dora books. I've discussed that map... Who do you call for help? The map! Boots is driving me mad. I'm done with you, Dora, it's over." — Liz Krieger, Interim Associate Editor, Parents

"I never liked the shows CaillouPhineas and Ferb, or Catdog." — Haley Beck, Interim Social Media Editor,

"My first son loved Thomas and Friends. I'm not sad at all to say my second son has no interest in it whatsoever." — Erika Janes, Executive Editor,

"My oldest was a big fan of Caillou, which I think was the worst show EVER. That kid was so whiny!"  — Lisa Milbrand, Contributing Editor,

"When my daughter was younger, there was a show she watched that used to drive me crazy. It was called Wow Wow Wubbzy. It was so strange and I didn't understand it but she loved it and wanted to watch it over and over and over again." — Jenna Helwig, Food Editor, Parents

"I think I've actually developed a full British accent because I've just seen this show so many times. So I could do with a little Peppa Pig break." — Grace Bastidas, Editor in Chief, Ser Padres and Parents Latina

"The dude on all the instructional Minecraft videos makes me INSANE!!"  — Hollee Actman Becker, Contributing Writer,

"My first daughter was obsessed with Elmo and she would watch Sesame Street and read books about Elmo and talk about him CONSTANTLY. Now, I honestly have an active hatred toward that annoying red little, um, monster." — Melissa Willets, Contributing Writer,

"We used to do this horrible thing with our kids as far as books. My husband is an editor, too, so we both really love good writing. We loaded up on some really great kid lit… But they often got books as gifts that were so badly written! If we didn't like the book, we would slip it behind the couch while they weren't looking, and then eventually just give it away."  — Lisa Milbrand, Contributing Editor,