Admit it: There’s food you buy “for the kids” meaning, ahem, kid-food you secretly love to eat yourself. (Boxed mac n’ cheese, we’re looking at you.) We asked Parents staffers and Facebook fans to share what they snack on when no one's looking.

September 07, 2016

“The kid food that I secretly love to eat is chicken nuggets. They're delicious. Especially with ketchup.” — Ayn-Monique Klahre, Deputy Editor, FamilyFun

"Uncrustables!! The easiest pbj to throw in my purse for a 3 yr old meltdown at the bank, the easiest way to teach responsibility for an 8-year-old packing his lunch... The easiest snack right before the 11-year-olds baseball practice, the best ice pack in the 5-year-olds packed lunch and the easiest class snack choice for the 4-year-olds preschool. And the best work pick me up, or late night pick me up, running late & just need a snack. So good! The jelly and the honey ones!! Our huge house runs on them... But I buy a box just for me lol." — Natasha Adams

"Mini corn dogs... Bc sometimes 1 normal corn dog is not enough and 2 is too many. Plus I don't worry about the possibility of a wooden stick catching fire in my toaster oven. Lol." — Brittany Oviedo 

“My favorite kid food, is by far, boxed mac n cheese. I've loved it since I was a kid. And I will gladly eat it with my son.” — Elizabeth Anne Shaw, Editor in Chief, FamilyFun

"I secretly love to sneak the Annie's fruit roll-ups that I pack for my daughter's lunch. lol once my daughter caught me with it and took more than half of it away from me telling me "it's for good girls only." — Alyssa A-j

"Pizza rolls. I just love the way you can pop them in your mouth in one bite and that yummy filling. I like to eat the filling that sticks to the pan when they burst during cooking." — Brandy Maricle 

"Goldfish! Especially the Parmesan flavored ones. I get disappointed when she wants other flavors." — Catrina Lim

“I buy the chocolate cereal as if is for my children, then I eat it as well. And I buy the ice cream because they really want it when it's actually me eating it.” — Jessica Hartshorn, Entertainment Editor, Parents

"Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I can't get enough of those sugary little squares. My husband doesn't understand how the kids go through them so quickly." — Kira Garrett

"Spaghetti-Os with meatballs! I actually don't let my kids eat them, they never have even tried them, but I certainly sneak them when they're not around!" — Jessie Bearden 

“I love those little spinach Doctor Praeger's patties that come in dinosaur shapes.” — Julia Edelstein, Senior Health Editor, Parents

"Lucky Charms cereal. I always tell my daughter that I'm never going to but then again when she eats all the marshmallows and leaves the cereal. But then I see them on the shelf and think "well, I'll give her ONE more chance." — Marcia Parker

"Gerber cinnamon crackers and Arrowroot cookies. Hellloooooo why are they so delicious?! I have to hide when I stuff them into my mouth though or my son gives me "the look". He knows his mama loves her food."  — Kim Buller 

"I absolutely love Lunchables turkey and cheese crackers! I wish they made a jumbo size so I wouldn't "Accidentally" eat all of them before my daughter gets to pack them for lunch..." — Amber Griffith 

"Hoho's. But I only eat them frozen and hide them behind the frozen veggies. My 9-year-old just found my hiding spot last week. I told him I will share as long as he doesn't tell his brothers!" — Beth Clem

“I'm embarrassed to admit that I really love pop tarts. I didn't allow them in my house for a really long time. And then finally one day, I caved. I don't even know why, I don't think my kids were even asking for them. They were just as good as I remembered.” — Erika Janes, Executive Editor,

"I have boxes of Rice Krispies on hand at all times just so I have no excuse NOT to make my favorite treats from childhood. Feels good to 'share' this tradition with my children." — Maxxine Belizaire

"Popcorn! I always buy it convincing my self it's something quick to get through til dinner or for a movie but pull off far more popcorn sneak attacks than my son." — Bethany Gil

"Fruit gummies! They're so delicious and it's like a game to see if I got a good pack....and I can't even say they're for my kid seeing as she's 10 months old." — Katie Smith

"Apple sauce pouches. My daughter hates them but my son and I love them! Apple cinnamon pouches that have sat out and are warm or's like baked apples. Yum." — Danielle Digiacomo Pieper

"Swedish fish. And I may have told my kids when they were little that Swedish fish had nuts in it so they couldn't have them." — Dewi Gallagher


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