Q: I want to lose the belly fat that was left over when I had my son three years ago. I have tried diets and exercise but I always give up because I am either chasing my son around or I am working. Is there anything that I can do to maybe get my son involved to help lose the baby fat that I have?

A: I had the same problem! I can remember lying on the floor trying to do sit ups with both my toddlers crawling on top of me. Floor exercises definitely didn’t work for me, so I ended up buying a double jogging stroller. I think I must have put several hundred miles on that stroller, and it gave me an incredible sense of freedom. With my babies in the stroller, I would jog around the bike path at a local park, and after I got my exercise, I’d let my boys run and play on the playground. It was great exercise for both of us. On rainy days, I’d put on some music and my boys and I would dance together in the living room. Dancing is a great workout, and it’s also a lot of fun for moms and kids.

If you’re interested in working out with other moms and their children, you might be able to find (or start!) a Stroller Strides organization in your community. Stroller Strides offers several types of classes for moms who want to lose their baby weight or just stay in shape. Local gyms, fitness clubs, and community organizations sometimes offer Mommy and Me classes that help babies and toddlers—and their moms—stay active.

It’s great that you’re determined to find a good way to exercise with your son. Don’t give up until you find what works best for both of you!

Answered by RallieMcAllister



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