The Reddit user hoped his wife would be turned on by seeing her husband doing house work.


No matter how many L.O.s she has or how swamped she feels at any given time, any mom would be thrilled to have some help with chores around the house. No wonder that for some, seeing their partner clean is a downright turn-on. That's certainly the case for one mom whose husband took to social media to share a hilarious set of "dirty" photos -- as in shots of him tackling laundry and dishes. Yep, they're completely SFW!

"My wife really likes it when I do house work so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on," Reddit user dirty-ol-slob wrote alongside the funny images.

From washing dishes to capturing "wink, wink" sexual innuendos around the house and even posing provocatively with a vacuum, this husband surely made his spouse's day. Though, the husband did make a confession. "Notice how the power cord on the vacuum is all wrapped up and not even plugged in," he wrote in the comments. "I was definitely more into the pictures than the cleaning."

Reddit users definitely loved the schtick nonetheless. "These are incredible. You should make a calendar," said one user.

Other husbands were inspired, too. One chimed in, "My wife does not browse reddit, so I am going to copy this and see how it goes."

Well, now that the story is making headlines, he may want to think about giving his photo shoot its own unique spin! Or maybe he could even focus more on the cleaning than the pictures? After all, as smirk-worthy as these shots are, having one (or many) less to-do is what most spouses would love more than anything.