Tackle soap scum, mildew, stained grout, and more to make the place where your family gets clean spotless.
Bathroom cleaning
Credit: Avery Powell

1. "Baby wipes work wonders on everything!" Meghan Bakerman, mom of three; Stoneham, MA

2. A quick sink wipe-down should be a part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth. Casabella's colorful microfiber sponges (casabella.com) are attractive enough to leave out for daily use.

3. Swap your standard showerhead for a handheld model to make easier work of wetting and rinsing shower and tub walls, says Jolie Kerr, author of My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag ... and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha.

4. Or try this bathroom-wall cleaning trick from Lisa Quinn, author of Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets: Rub white candles on grout. With a coat of wax, a light spray of glass cleaner on a rag or sponge is all you need to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

5. When it's time for a thorough tub scrub, most of our experts agree that Scrubbing Bubbles cuts through soap scum like nothing else.

If you prefer a natural alternative, try this soap-scum remover: Slice a lemon or a grapefruit in half, coat with kosher salt, and use it to scrub tiles and tub surfaces.

6. You've heard it before: Use a squeegee to whisk water from shower walls after you bathe. It discourages both soap-scum and mildew buildup. We love Quirky's Squeak, which acts as a squeegee, a cleaning pad, and a cleaning-liquid dispenser all in one (quirky.com).

7. To clean floor-tile grout, Kerr recommends dissolving 1 cup OxiClean in 2 gallons of water. Saturate tiles and let sit for 15 minutes. Then swab, scrub, and rinse as usual.

8. Periodically wash plastic shower curtains in the washer with hot water and detergent, Smallin says. Throw your rags and sponges into the same load; the washer's agitation will rub them against the plastic to clear off the scum.

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