Horoscope for an Aries Mom

Aries moms are independent and know how to separate their social life with their mom duties. But that doesn'€™t mean they neglect their responsibilities. What does astrology have in store for you as a parent? Let the stars reveal the answer!


[MUSIC] The Aries mom is independent, honest and full of energy. Of course, being a mom isn't your entire identity. You had a life before kids and you intend to keep one, even after you have a little one running around. You're great at discipline, and your kids know darn well that no means no. You're also a wonderful coach for your tykes, but sometimes you can be a little too competitive, seriously. Don't threaten their umpires. Also, every now and again your temper can get the best of you. You may say things that yeah, you do mean, in the moment. But you often regret them later. So think before you speak. The good news is that of all the moms fiery Aries tend to have the most active and healthy lifestyles. Get ready because you'll have plenty of family adventures to look forward to. [MUSIC]

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