Horoscope for an Aquarius Mom

Aquarius moms are free spirits who can throw caution to the wind (you are an air sign after all!). While you love being creative, you’re also known to be a little messy. Oh well. You'€™ll clean whenever your horoscope tells you it's time.


Aquarius moms are independent and friendly. And well, you're just cool. You know those moms who try to be hip. You just are. You're a trendsetter and a bit of a rebel. And you don't believe in sheltering your kids beyond what's absolutely necessary. You give them freedom to be creative, to wander, to find themselves, and what makes them tick. You thrive on intellectual banter with your children. You love debating what's right and wrong, even though you never budge, and you expose them to political and social issues at an early age to encourage activism, tolerance, and progressive ideals. That's great, but don't forget that kids need boundaries, and they need to be kids. Also, you're changing moods, and tendency to throw caution to the wind, can leave your family feeling unstable. The solution, establish a strong identity outside of being a mother so you never feel trapped by parenthood. Having a solid foundation will help you and your kids weather any storms that are bound to occur when you're a mom.

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