Horoscope for a Taurus Mom

There is a reason the Taurus astrological sign is represented by the Bull. Creatures of habit, loving, and perhaps a little stubborn, moms with this zodiac sign are in total control.


[MUSIC] As a Taurus, you're a creature of habit and that's great for your little ones. Of all the signs, you're the best when it comes to setting up structure and routines for your tikes. Whether it's bedtime, bathtime or playtime, it's consistent, and kids thrive on that. Taurus moms are also savvy shoppers and have great taste. Your children are always the most stylish ones on the jungle gym. And most importantly, you're there, physically and emotionally for your child. If there's a recital, a game, a school play, Taurus Moms are the ones who show up and cheer. Unfortunately, sometimes Taurus moms can be so structured that it borders on stubborn. And their sense of style can occasionally border on materialism. Don't spoil your kids into thinking price tags are a sign of love. And remember, pick your battles when arguments arise, especially with teenagers. [MUSIC]

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