Horoscope for a Sagittarius Mom

Sagittarius moms, don't be surprised if your horoscope tells you to slow down. People with this astrological sign are known to always be on the go. Life is always an adventure, and your kiddos get to go along for the ride.


[MUSIC] Wise, adventurous, and optimistic, Sagittarius mothers are always on the go. You don't let motherhood stop you from your daily life. Whether it be work, a book club, dance classes, or knowing your sign, something high risk and adrenaline pumping, like zip-lining. You just take the tots with you. Instead of offering simple answers to mundane questions like, do I have to eat my spinach? You offer a philosophic approach. You appreciate intellectual conversations with kids. But when kids aren't at that level yet, you can get really bored, impatient, and restless. Try to keep those impulses in check, because someday you'll miss seemingly mundane tasks, like peek-a-boo, and endless itsy bitsy spider sing alongs. You're brutally honest, and sometimes, that's, well, brutal. Also sad, watch your mouth! You often think without thinking twice, and if you do it to often, your child's first four letter word won't be mama. [MUSIC]. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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