Horoscope for a Pisces Mom

Pisces moms may be a little too sensitive at times, but they'€™ll go to the ends of the Earth for their families. Mermaid mommies are also known to be eccentric and creative, but should maybe practice self-censorship from time-to-time.


[MUSIC] Pisces mothers are incredibly empathetic, creative, and intuitive. Almost nothing gets past you. You are the master of the guilt trip. You're devoted and will absolutely go to the ends of the earth for your family. You'll protect them through anything and everything. Sometimes a little bit too much. Ruled by Neptune, you're artistic. And you nurture your children's own creative drives and imaginations. [MUSIC] From art projects to sing a longs to theater trips to avant garde fashion, you love letting your kids express themselves however they choose. Sometimes though, you can be a little too creative. To the point of being well, weird. While being unique is fantastic. If you show up to little Susie's school play in a clown wig and fishnets. Because that's how you felt that day. Little Susie is going to pretend she doesn't know you. Sometimes self-censorship is worth it. You often have mommy blinders on and think your kids can do no wrong. Spoiler alert. [MUSIC] They can. And they will. And that's okay. That's how they learn. Let it happen. It'll all be okay. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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