Horoscope for a Libra Mom

Keeping the peace is not as easy as Libra moms would like it to be. Everything must remain in balance, hence your zodiac symbol is the Scales. Even if the stars aren'€™t always aligned, you figure out ways to make it work.


[MUSIC] Libra moms are diplomatic, refined and elegant. You act as a peacemaker for your kids when sibling rivalry arises. You may not necessarily love that role because tension makes your skin crawl, but you're great at it. Your patience is proverbial. The sign of scales has a way of making everything feel like it's going to be okay, whether it's a scraped knee, a cyberbully or a slip-up academically. As a result, your kids feel safe enough to talk to you about anything. You also have great taste and sophistication. But that can come with an air of pretention, and if you just give your children everything they want, especially if it's pricey, they can grow up to be too entitled. And while you're diplomatic, that can lead to being indecisive, and a bit wishy-washy with your tykes. No doesn't always mean no especially if your children know how to manipulate you, and if you're not careful they'll figure it out soon. So stand your ground Libra's.

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