Horoscope for a Leo Mom

Only in astrology is it OK for children to play with lions! Leos are fun and always up for a game or activity. But make sure it doesn'€™t get out of hand as people with this sign are known to be a little self-centered. This zodiac sign revolves around the sun, not you!


[MUSIC] Kids are lucky to have Leo moms. You're imaginative, energetic, and affectionate. You do whatever it takes, to get your children what they need. And, you enroll your tots in tons of extracurricular activities and sports. Just be sure they're things your child actually wants to be doing, and not the other way around. While it's great that your so child-like, you can also be dramatic, a skinned knee or a bad grade isn't the end of the world, but sometimes you react like it might be. Let your lioness roar, only when she needs to. As a Leo, admit it, you're pretty self-centered. It's not your fault, you're ruled by the sun, so it's easy to feel like the world literally revolves around you. But it doesn't, make sure you aren't using your kids, to make you look good. And don't let your own achievements, surpass your child's. Otherwise, they'll feel tremendous pressure to live up to those standards. Keep that in mind, and you and your little one, will both shine. [MUSIC]. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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