Horoscope for a Capricorn Mom

All work and no play can turn Capricorn moms into workaholics. The Goat is known to like structure and planning, but that doesn't mean you can’t have a little fun every now and again.


[MUSIC] The Capricorn mother is stable, morale and financially concise you're a hard worker and always planning ahead. Especially for a rainy day you set clear standards for your children and instill values in them that will last a lifetime. You value traditions that have been passed down from your family and you have a tremendous amount of respect for your own parents your children will in turn have a deep respect for you. You have a serious side. And that may be your only side, at least to others. [MUSIC] When you've got kids know it's okay to be silly and frivolous once in a while. Even though they can sometimes drive you crazy, your tykes really do want to make you happy. As a capricorn, your work ethic is unrivaled but you can also easily veer into workaholic territory. You may feel more comfortable at a conference table than a kitchen table, but you should work on being there when your children need you. You may be a boss, but your job is to actively love your children. [MUSIC]

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