Think you can outsmart the sun? No way, say the experts.

By the editors of Parents magazine
June 21, 2007

We asked experts to set the record straight about our less-than-perfect sun safety habits.

The Excuse: "I have olive skin."

All skin colors, including darker tones, can be damaged by the sun -- no one is immune to skin cancer.

The Excuse: "I heard that most sun damage occurs before age 18."

Sun damage doesn't just stop when you turn 18. You have to wear sunscreen every day for life.

The Excuse: "I often skip SPF so I can absorb vitamin D from the sun."

You can get enough vitamin D in your diet or from just a few minutes of sunlight each week.

The Excuse: "I'm not going to be outside today."

Damaging rays penetrate glass -- you're not protected in the car or in a room, sitting by a window.

The Excuse: "I tan easily, so I think it's okay to get a bit of color."

Any color at all means that the sun's rays have damaged your skin.

Copyright © 2007. Reprinted with permission from the July 2007 issue of Parents magazine.

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