Checklist: Ways to Sneak In Exercise

No money to hire a trainer? Can't make that class? No time for the gym? Don't fret, just break into a sweat. Here're easy ways to sneak exercise into your busy day. (And yes, running to your favorite boutique counts.)

___ Take the stairs. (Bonus points if you carry a child.)

___ Be a kid. Break out the jump rope and hula hoop.

___ Mix it up. If you always jog, go for a swim; if you're a yoga fan, try Pilates moves.

___ Work out at home to an exercise DVD.

___ Demonstrate to your child how to skip, hop, gallop, etc. She may not be able to follow, but your legs will feel it!

___ Park three lanes farther than you would have, or walk to the farther bus stop. Better yet, hoof it to your destination.

___ Chase your older kid at the park. Give her a 5-second head start.

___ Two words: Mall strolling.

___ Improvise a belly-dancing class. Put on Shakira or similar music and start handing out the scarves to your older children or partner. Now, shimmy!

Excerpted from the Ages & Stages weekly baby newsletter, Week 48.

Learn some helpful tips on how to fit in postpartum exercise as a new mom.

Originally published on, July 2006.

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