Healthy Mom

Easy workouts, healthy eating and relaxation tips are just a few important elements to help you be a healthy mom.

6 Ways to Outsmart a Migraine

There's no mistaking the miserable throb of a migraine. There are, however, ways to manage it--even when you're wrangling your kids.

10 Ways to Beat Bloating

Feeling gassy, puffy, and just plain gross? These simple strategies will help.

4 Easy Ways to Carve Solo Time Into Your Busy Mom Life

It may be challenging, but the most important thing you can do is schedule time for yourself. Not only can it save your sanity--it will also make you a better mom.

Postpartum Anxiety: The Other Baby Blues We Need to Talk About

It's not the baby blues and it's not postpartum depression--so, what is it? If you're feeling off after giving birth, you may be suffering from postpartum anxiety disorder.

I Stopped Always Putting My Kids First--Here's What Happened

Maybe the key to being a better parent is a dose of selfishness.

Science Says Taking a Hot Bath Burns as Many Calories as Exercising (Yes!)

We predict the newest exercise trend will involve "passing heating" AKA chillin' in a relaxing bath. With bubbles, of course.

Your Period After Pregnancy: What to Expect

Your menstrual cycle has been on hiatus. Be prepared for some changes when it resumes.

17 Habits of Very Happy Moms

How do those upbeat moms we all envy keep the joy and love flowing? In honor of Mother's Day, we sent our intrepid reporter to uncover their secrets.

Pain-Relieving Stretches for Moms

Even minor parenting tasks like carrying your diaper bag and running after your toddler can make your body stiff and achy. Our stretching plan targets the spots that bug moms most.

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Sex After Kids

Sex becomes a full-blown job, something that you have to plan and coordinate.

Is Busy Philipps Suffering From Mom-Shoulder Syndrome?

It seems carrying the load of motherhood has caught up with actress Busy Philipps, who just revealed the cause of her chronic shoulder pain on Instagram.

Quick & Easy Fitness for Tired Moms

Do you feel zapped of energy whenever you actually have the time to work out? This laid-back home-exercise routine will burn calories and boost your energy -- and you need only 20 minutes to do it!

Most Embarrassing Sex Moment After Baby

Let's talk about sex! These real moms share their most embarrassing post-baby sex moments.

The Best Moves to Babyproof Your Body

Learn to avoid and treat the common injuries of motherhood through simple strength exercises, easy stretches, and posture tips.

All About Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Causes, symptoms, and treatment methods for UTIs.

Avoid and Treat New-Mom Injuries

All that carrying, feeding, and holding can hurt. Learn how to avoid and treat the most common new-mom injuries.

10 Weird Ways Stress Makes You Sick

Cold sores? Diarrhea? Memory loss? Skin issues? Turns out, too much tension can wreak havoc on your body and your mind. We'll tell you how to stay healthy under all that pressure.

5 Healthy Food Lessons YOU Can Learn From Feeding Baby

Take a page from our healthy-from-the-start handbook: There's a lot that you can learn from your baby's good eating habits!

5 Things to Remember Before Running with Baby

Trying to get back in shape right after Baby? Here are tips to keep in mind when going for a jog with your little one.

5 Reasons to Love Your Post-Pregnancy Body

Moms dish on all the amazing (and surprising!) ways having a baby changed their bodies for the better.

Ways to Tell Your Kids About Breast Cancer

Practical and easy steps to help you explain a breast cancer diagnosis to your children.

A Mom's Guide to Ab Rehab

You love your kid. The wobbly tummy she left you with? Not so much. But being a mom doesn't have to mean saying sayonara to your pre-kid stomach. Small switches to your diet, workout routine, and lifestyle can make over your middle. Mix and match your choice of the following tips for a trimmer waist in no time.

See Why This Mom's Spoken-Word Poem Has 6 Million Views (So Far!)

You will so see yourself in Hollie McNish's brilliant poem about life with kids.

10 Tips for Achieving Your Work-Life Balance #Goals

Let go of the guilt and, instead, focus on getting things done. Try these working mom tips for your best productivity.

Hot or Not With Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry plays Hot or Not and reveals her true feelings about meal prep, cutting down on sugar, Beyonce's maternity photos, mommy-and-me outfits, and working from home with her kids.