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How to Do a Breast Cancer Self-Exam

Regular self-exams can help you detect breast cancer early. Here’s how to feel for lumps, bumps, and other unusual changes.

The Real Reason Your Stomach Hurts

Motherhood and gut problems do not mix well, but they do mix often. Four moms with chronic, confounding symptoms share their rough, relatable journeys to find answers—and relief.

The Pandemic Pushed Back My Breast Cancer Surgery, a Small Delay With a Big Impact

After I found out I had breast cancer, my world was turned upside down. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, my second surgery was delayed, and parenting with health issues became even harder.

5 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Learn what you can do to protect yourself against the most common cancer in young women.

I Delayed Chemo to Do IVF During the Pandemic, And It Was Scary But Worth It

After learning I needed chemo for my breast cancer, I opted to do IVF. But because of the pandemic, fertility treatments were put on hold. I could only wait three months. My doctor fought hard for me and now I'm optimistic I will one day give birth.

5 Ways the Mental Load Impacts Moms' Health and How to Ask for Help

The mental load is a heavy burden for any mom to carry alone. If she's not careful that burden can start affecting her health. Luckily there are ways to prevent that from happening.

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My Double Mastectomy Forced Me to Put My Son in Daycare During the Pandemic, And I'm Glad I Did

Having a double mastectomy while raising a 20-month-old during the coronavirus pandemic has been the hardest time of my life. Putting my son in daycare was the best choice for me.

How One Mom With Type 2 Diabetes is Inspiring Others With the Condition to Live Full Lives

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at just 21, Georgia mom Mary Van Doorn has become even more motivated to care for her health as a result of parenthood and building an online community called Sugar Mama Strong.

No Filter Here! This Mama Just Showed Us What New Motherhood Really Looks Like

This mom just got REAL about how social media doesn't always tell the whole story about what goes on in a new mom's home.