Editors' Picks: Gifts for Any Occasion

If your calendar looks like ours, there's always a gift-giving occasion around the corner. Whether it's a holiday, birthday or baby shower, keep these ideas in your back pocket.

moma bright gloves three-piece set
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A Screwdriver Just for Toys

electronic screwdriver for toys

Take it from us, after a season of testing a few hundred toys: This Toydriver electronic screwdriver makes it easier for us adults to help Santa. It's for those teeny screws! ($10)

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Slime Soap

green slime soap avon kids product
Peter Ardito

What better way to get the kids presentable? New Soapy Slime Body Cleanser from Avon Kids. The scent reminds us of a Jolly Rancher. ($10)

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Set-of-Three Gloves

moma bright gloves three-piece set

Um, for us, not the kids. We too often lose just one, so this Pair and a Spare set from the Museum of Modern Art is brilliant! ($32)

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Cool Paper Straws

modern designed paper straws
Peter Ardito

The craze for biodegradable straws has led to a flood of fun (sturdy!) paper designs. With cute characters or images resembling bamboo stalks, birch trees, and candy canes, these (from Kikkerland, $3 for 12 animal straws or $9 for 144 printed straws) make every glass of milk feel festive.

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A Book About Civic Duty

bold and brave book womens right to vote
Peter Ardito

Little ones may be amazed that women got the vote only 98 years ago. (TBH, we were!) Take your kid with you to the polls, then read Bold & Brave, by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, with illustrations by Maira Kalman. Well done, sister suffragettes! ($19)

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Little Lebowski Sweaters

sweater jumper matching hat toddlers
Peter Ardito

That's how our news editor describes the fall designs at teacollection.com, a site she loves for her tot. Check out the deliciously soft—and washable!—cotton collection (this set is $69.50).

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