The Best Nursing Nightgown, Robe, and Pajama Sets

Newborn babies need to nurse about 8-12 times every day – and that includes regular nighttime feedings. No breastfeeding mama wants to deal with constricting clothing at 3 a.m., so we’ve rounded the best nursing nightgowns, nursing robes, and nursing pajamas on the web.
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Shopping For The Best Nursing Sleepwear

The best nursing sleepwear should have a three key elements: accessibility, comfort, and style.

Accessibility: Breastfeeding mothers usually buy nursing pajamas for easy nipple access. Look for options with clasps, stretchy necklines, and compatibility with your nursing bra. Bonus points if the sleepwear has moisture-wicking fabric to soak up leaks and dribbles! (But make sure to choose something that survives laundry machines, too).

Comfort: Since you sleep in nursing pajamas, they should be cozy and comfortable. Elastic waistbands, forgiving fits, and seasonally-appropriate fabric make all the difference!

Style: While nursing sleepwear is inherently practical, you still want to look stylish. Many of our picks have playful patterns, vibrant colors, flattering shapes, and other fashionable features.

Kindred Bravely Davy Nursing Pajama Set

The Davy pajama set from Kindred Bravely has hundreds of five star reviews – and for good reason. Its super-soft viscose fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for warm summer nights. As a bonus, the ruched top lets you nurse your child two ways: pulling down the stretchy fabric or lifting up the overlying top layer. Choose from eight color choices and seven sizes, ranging from X-small to XXX-large. $49.99

Motherhood Maternity Three-Piece Set

This three-piece set from Motherhood Maternity includes a short robe, soft pajama pants, and a V-neck top with a clip-down nursing function. The shirt also has a build-in shelf bra to support your engorged breasts throughout the night. Mothers have their choice of two styles: gray with polka dots or rose with stripes. $49.98

A Pea in the Pod Button Front Nursing Pajama Set

With a classic style and flattering fit, this button-down ensemble from A Pea in the Pod doesn’t look like nursing pajamas at all. When it’s time to feed Baby, simple undo a few buttons from the collared shirt and luxuriate in the comfortable rayon/spandex material. $78

Kindred Bravely Amelia Shirt/Shorts Set

During the dog days of summer, heavy clothing seems constricting. Stave off the heat with the Kindred Bravely Amelia nursing pajama set, which has a pull-down top and comfy shorts made from modal. The six colors and seven sizes will suit a wide range of people. $39.99

Baby Be Mine Maternity/Nursing Nightgowns

While the nightgowns from Baby Be Mine are designed for pregnant women, they’re also perfect for the postpartum months. The elastic neckline pulls down for easy breastfeeding, and the soft cotton feels snug during midnight nursing sessions. Peruse the selection to find a variety of styles and colors, like this purple and white “Brie” option. $29.99

Motherhood Maternity Nursing Nightgown

If you’re looking for a fashionable nursing nightgown, consider this lacy floral option from Motherhood Maternity. Its bold floral pattern and scooped-neck design flatters many body types, while the clip-down double opening and built-in pads are designed with breastfeeding in mind. $29.98

Cake Maternity Gateau Nursing Chemise

Available in rose and charcoal colors, the Gateau Nursing Chemise from Cake Maternity suits both pregnant and postpartum mamas. Buyers will love the discreet underbust support, racerback design (no more slipping straps!), and elegant draping skirt. The sweetheart neckline folds down for discreet nipple access. $70

Pink Blush Crochet Trim Maternity Delivery and Nursing Robe

The crochet trim nursing robes from Pink Blush are perfect for nightly breastfeeding sessions. Simply throw on the robe before heading to Baby’s room, open the tie closure, and feed your little one in comfort. Select from seven shades, including blue, charcoal, and ivory, and mauve. $42

Destination Maternity Nursing Nightgown And Robe Set

In the middle of the night, the walk to Baby’s room feels extra chilly. Bundle up with this two-piece nightgown and robe set from Destination Maternity. The soft gown, which has delicate lace details, features clip-down straps for nursing your little one. The set is especially handy while hosting visitors, since it lets you cover up quickly and stylishly. $88

Everly Gray Adalia Five-Piece Set

Who doesn’t love matching pajamas? This five-piece set from Everly Gray lets mom and Baby coordinate outfits. It includes a nursing tank, sleep shorts with a stretchy waistband, a short robe, a newborn baby gown, and a drawstring bag. Such a great gift for new mothers! $98

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