Q: We are about to go on vacation to Disneyland and are traveling by airplane. Since we do not have a vehicle when we land, we will have to ride in a taxi to get to the park. Do we have to bring our childrens' carseats on the plane for the taxi ride?

A: Laws in many states exempt taxi cabs from the car seat laws that apply to those driving in regular passenger vehicles. California happens to be one of the states that does not make an exception. Proper safety seats are required there for any child until they are either 6 years old or weigh more than 60 pounds. Regardless, even in the states that exempt taxis, we're talking about the law, not safety. In terms of safety, children who ride in car seats in cars don't need them any less just because the car happens to be a taxi. It's still a moving vehicle (driven by someone you don't even know) and your children still need the support and protection that car seats offer. If you want to ensure your children are properly restrained in the event of an accident - the reason they're in those seats in the first place - then you'll need to bring them with you.

Answered by Mitch Lipka