Your green-mom goal: to raise your family as sustainably and organically as possible. IRL? You just can't quit paper towels...yet.

By Jacqueline Burt Cote
April 14, 2017

We tip our hats in a big way to every zero-waste family out there—and we aspire to join their uber-green ranks...someday. But there are some crunchy mom #goals that we just haven't achieved quite yet, despite our best efforts. Here, the aspirations list for our future, better selves:

1.  We’ll ditch paper towels for good. But until we're past baby-led weaning, it’s not gonna happen.

2.  We’ll never, ever forget to bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

3. Our kid’s packed lunch will be 100% zero-waste. (Hello, reusable snack bags and cloth napkins!)

4. Sweaty pits be damned, we’ll finally switch to all-natural deodorant.

5. Our kids will forget what refined sugar tastes like.

6. We’ll sell the stroller because we’ll finally master the woven wrap back carry. #Babywearingpro

7. Our kids' clothes will all be organic, hand-me-downs, or purchased secondhand.

8. Heck, our clothes will all be organic or purchased secondhand.

9. We'll trade the crossover vehicle that hauls our kids and their gear all over town for a chic little hybrid.

10. Two words: cloth diapers.

11. Between composting every last food scrap and recycling aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic, our landfill contributions will be basically nil.

12. Our kids will think vegan mac n' cheese tastes just as good—no, even better!—than the real thing.