Because sending your kids back off to school definitely calls for some major bottle poppin'!

By Hollee Actman Becker
August 31, 2017
Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

First day back to school pics are usually pretty boring. Take a few kids, write their ages on a mini chalkboard, then have them hold those suckers up with a bunch of fake smiles plastered across their faces. But mom of two from Shrewsbury, Massachussetts named Jackie Nason Fashjian had another idea.

Decked out in an abbreviated hot pink robe and matching slippers with a bottle of bubbly firmly in hand, the Massachusetts mama jumped into a mid-air celebratory pose, right smack in between her two pissed-off daughters.


"We did it in one take," Fashjian told Mass Live. "The girls expressions were legit. They were not amused."

Can't say I'm surprised. Pretty sure my own 15-year-old daughter would disown me if I attempted something like this. But Fashjian—who waited all year to take this shot after seeing a friend do something similar for back to school 2K16—remains nonplussed.

"My only intention was to make people smile," the working mom—who runs a family-owned trash removal biz called The Dumpster Divers—explained of her now-viral post. "I love my girls, and as happy as I was for the first day of school, I am even more happy for the last!"

I'll drink to that! Cheers, mama!

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