If you want to tweak your pictures like a pro, try one of these top photo-editing apps. They’re perfect for selfies and family portraits alike!

By Lindsey Unterberger
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Instagram, Free

“I like to use the Gingham filter to add a really pretty, soft effect on my family and candid shots,” says mom and Ramshackle Glam blogger Jordan Reid.

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Facetune2, $5.99

“This app is great for eliminating spots and defocusing backgrounds,” says Reid. “Its healing tool erases the bruises I have from my children’s shin-height toys.”

A Color Story, Free

This is the go-to filter app for a lot of influencers. “I love the filters in The Weekend section of the app,” says Jade Broadus, a mom and a blogger at Vagabond3.

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VSCO, Free

Many photographers use this. “But don’t go crazy with filters,” says Hebrank. “For a timeless look, most photos need only the brightening tool and a bit more contrast.”

TouchRetouch, $1.99

“This one lets you easily edit out a mess in the background of a photo,” says Broadus. “I’ve used it countless times to make a photo look more polished.”

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Source: Parents Magazine


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