10 Tattoo Ideas for Parents

These tattoo ideas, inspired by celebrities, are as meaningful as they are eye-catching.

Angelina Jolie bicep tattoo
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The earliest known example of tattooing was found on the famous "Iceman" mummy, who died around 5,200 B.C. Iceman likely wasn't the first human to decorate their body with ink. For thousands of years, people in cultures worldwide have used tattoos to express their personalities, position in their community, memorial for loved ones, and religious purposes. It's no wonder tattooing names—even your child's name—is among the most popular trends in body art.

When choosing body art that speaks to you, chances are you're looking at different sources for inspiration. Social media, where celebs love to show off their amazing lives, is probably chief among them, and with so many styles abound, it's fun to see what celebs have done to commemorate their children's births through tattoo art. Think Angelina Jolie with her stunning list of coordinates—each representing the birthplace of one of her children.

If you're thinking of getting some ink but need some beautiful inspiration, here are TK tattoo ideas inspired by celebrities.

1. Kids' Zodiac Constellations Tattoos on the Forearm

Jessica Alba has the constellations associated with three zodiac signs tattooed—one for each of her three children. As she noted on her Instagram post: "Honor Gemini ♊️ Haven Leo ♌️ Hayes Capricorn ♑️." Create a skyline of constellations and include your and your kids' zodiac signs. If you're looking for subtle, a constellation is a lovely way to add some art with just a few small lines.

2. Baby's Name Hand Tattoo

Adele has several tattoos—including this one of her son Angelo's name on her hand. With so many fun and beautiful font styles to choose from, you can personalize a name tattoo in a myriad of ways that is both meaningful and poignant.

3. Babies' Names Tattoos on the Forearm

If you're not keen on getting your baby's name on your hand, take a tip from Drew Barrymore who has her daughters' names—Olive and Frankie—on her inner forearm. One great aspect of an inner arm placement is that you can always see it. And on those days when you need to cover up, a simple long sleeve shirt will do the trick.

4. Star Tattoos for Your Little Ones

Heidi Klum used to have a tattoo on her inner forearm as a tribute to her ex Seal, but now she has four stars representing her kiddos: Helene, Lou, Henry, and Johan. The star is such a versatile shape that lets you get wildly creative. Go for tiny and subdued or big with intricate details; a star is a timeless design that looks great on everyone.

5. Hand Tattoo Inspired by Your Child

Jenni "JWoww" Farley rocks a full hand tattoo of her son. She shared photos on Instagram writing, "When your dream artist gives you your dream tattoo @nikkohurtado...my son forever on my hand." One thing to keep in mind about hand tattoos is that they fade faster than any other part of the body so talk to your tattoo artist about how to extend the life of your hand ink.

6. Inner Arm & Finger Tattoos Inspired by Family

Chrissy Teigen rocks her husband John and two children's names—Luna and Miles—in super-pretty script on her inner arm. John has Chrissy's name, as well as Luna and Miles. Chrissy also has a delicate heart on her finger.

7. Tattoo of Your Kid's Handwriting

Taye Diggs has this "I Love Daddy" tattoo that his son wrote. You could get a similar design modeled after your child's handwriting. Talk about a sweet way to celebrate how little and young your child is then to capture their handwriting permanently.

8. Meaningful Word

Hilary Duff might be the queen of hidden tattoos. She rocks at least 20 tiny tattoos, including her kids' names, each revealing a meaningful story. One, in particular, caught our eye—she has the word "mother" inked in a lovely curly font on the side of her neck. If you didn't know any better, you might easily think it is a wisp of hair.

9. Animal Tattoos Inspired by Your Kids

Ayesha Curry recently posted her three geometric animal-inspired tattoos, which represent her three kiddos, explaining, "For my unicorn horse riding big girl, my creative free spirited butterfly baby girl and my young wolf."

10. Symbolic Name Tattoo

You could take inspiration from Jaime King and get a meaningful symbol tattooed with your child's name. She got a dagger on her wrist in honor of her firstborn son James Knight Newman.

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