My Messy Mom Bun Days Are Over Thanks to This Viral Hair Dryer Brush

It’s a huge time saver and it really is that good—228,000 Amazon reviewers give it five stars! 

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REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush
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As soon as I became a mom I put myself in second place. It's not ideal, but that's what happened. I used to walk around with perfect hair and makeup, but when my daughter was born I became a zombie with a messy mom bun and gym clothes, while my baby looked adorable in pigtails and a flawlessly ironed dress. Then came the second child, and the third. They're a little older now and I am finally prioritizing myself again, but if I could give one piece of advice to my first-time-mom self, it would be to do one thing every day that makes you feel good. Take a walk around the block, a few minutes to read a book, or do your hair. And if I could travel in time and give that young mom I used to be one product to help her out, it would be the Revlon hair dryer brush.

I came across this amazing two-in-one styling tool by word of mouth. In a mom group chat, a friend said that she had recently purchased this brush and it made her feel like she had just been to the salon. I didn't think much of it, but after three more moms in the group bought the hair dryer brush and sang its praises, I was intrigued. I researched a bit and found that this hair dryer brush has hundreds of videos with more than 26.5 million views on TikTok and more than 228,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this hair dryer brush is a game-changer. In addition to making my hair look like I just had a professional blowout, it helps me look put together and feel better about myself. The best part is that it only takes me eight minutes to dry and style my curly, frizzy, long hair—instead of the 40 to 45 minutes it used to take with the old round brush in one hand and bulky dryer in the other.

The Revlon one-step volumizer hair dryer and hot air brush—its actual name—has a large, oval-shaped brush head (4.25 inches in diameter) with pin-style and tufted bristles to help detangle and stretch your strands as it dries them. It also has a ceramic coating for even heat distribution and ion technology for a glossy finish.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

To buy: Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush, from $34.87; and

My hair is long (about halfway down my back) and naturally curly. I have tried countless chemical treatments to tame the curls, but usually end up with a frizzy mess and damaged strands. When I use a normal hair dryer and round brush to straighten my hair, I often also need to use a flat iron to smooth things out and some sort of serum to control flyaways. The whole process can take up to an hour. With the Revlon hair dryer brush it takes me exactly eight minutes—I timed it—and no serum or flat iron needed. The blowout will last me at least three days and the only hair product needed is a bit of dry shampoo on the third day.

Some users recommend letting your hair dry a bit before using the dryer brush, but I don't; I wash my hair, wrap it in a towel for a couple of minutes while I get dressed, and then detangle and dry my hair. The technique that works best for me is to wrap my hair around the brush head, pull, and smooth—like you would if you were using a normal round brush. It's very intuitive, but the key is wrapping your hair to maximize the drying potential. The result is perfectly polished hair with just enough volume and a bit of flip at the ends.

The only downside I can find is that the heat setting and power controls are located on a ring at the base of the dryer, so it can't be controlled using one hand. It also only has three heat settings—cool, low, and high—and one speed option; this works fine for me, but other people might want more flexibility. Some shoppers also mention that the brush can be quite loud and get hot, but not as hot as a curling iron or straightener.

Cleaning the hair dryer brush is also very easy. When the vents at the base of the brush look dirty, I use a toothbrush to remove the lint. The manufacturer also recommends that you remove the hair from the brush after every use—but I confess that I only do this occasionally.

With more than 228,000 five-star reviews, Amazon shoppers also seem quite pleased with this hair dryer brush. It's "every curly haired girls dream come true," wrote one reviewer. Another shopper who says she has so much hair she "almost has to wake up before [she] goes to sleep in order to have enough time to dry" her hair before work said she accomplished a "silkier than silk" finish in just eight minutes. A mom of four who said she has "like seven people's worth of wavy/curly and long hair" was also impressed with the finish and time she saved: "Dry in record time and looks naturally straight! (None of those odd bumps)." And the tool is very easy to use, too, a shopper who describes herself as "​​completely inadept at using hair tools" said the first time she used the dryer her hair was perfectly "straight, smooth and silky without a flyaway in sight." Other shoppers—and at least one other Parents editor—describe it as "life changing."

Out of the thousands of positive reviews, my favorite was written by a Florida mom who says she has hair down to her waist and frizz was her unwelcome "best friend." Although she was initially hesitant to press the order button, the fact that she's a "full time working mommy and wife with very little time on my hands gave me the final push ... and boy am I glad I did!" As for me, I'm happy to report that my messy mom bun days are over. From now on, you'll find me feeling confident with my hair down and perfectly styled—and recommending this time-saving hair dryer brush to everyone I know.

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