7 Products for the Perfect At-Home Pedicure for Busy Parents

A few key tools and some very cool nail colors are all it takes to flaunt on-trend toes this summer. (Now if you can just find a kid-free moment...)

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Soften Up With a Foot Soak

Naturally London Exhale Detoxifying Foot Soak With Moringa Oil
Peter Ardito

"Soaking for 15 minutes will make shaping your nails so much easier," says Marcela Correa, a licensed medical pedicurist at Medi Pedi NYC. To achieve relaxation vibes and prep your toenails at the same time, fill the bottom of the tub or a basin with warm water and a sprinkle of Naturally London Exhale Detoxifying Foot Soak With Moringa Oil. The blend contains a spot-on mix of sea salt, Epsom salt, lemongrass, and mint.

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Try a Mask

Sally Hansen Hydrating Foot Mask Treatment
Courtesy of Sally Hansen

Let's forgive our feet for looking a little rough around the edges after treading barefoot at home for a year and then spending all summer in flip-flops. "While freeing, it creates a recipe for dry, cracked heels," Correa says. To help take soles from scaly to smooth, consider slipping them into the Sally Hansen Hydrating Foot Mask Treatment. The single-use booties (leave them on for 15 minutes) are filled with a lotion rich in shea butter and macadamia oil for a solid dose of moisture.

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Use the Right Tool

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers
Peter Ardito

Always remember Nail Care 101: Clip toenails straight across to avoid ingrown nails, says Correa, who recommends a straight-edged clipper for the job like Tweezerman Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers.

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Ace Your Base

Peacci 2-in-1 Base Coat
Peter Ardito

It's an extra step, but painting nails with a base coat, like the 2-in-1 Base Coat, will make your pedicure efforts last even longer. The clear formula gives something for the lacquer to grip onto and can also help strengthen your nails.

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Swipe Across Dry Patches

Olive & June Heel Balm
Peter Ardito

This mess-free Olive & June Heel Balm is a do-it-all salve for foot problems. Rub the hydrating coconut and jojoba-oil stick onto cracked heels, peeling cuticles, and dry skin for a quick daily assist with hydration and repair.

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Nail the Bold Summer Shade

Essie and OPI nail polishes
Peter Ardito

Do you tend to freeze whenever it's time to choose a color? Here's a cheat sheet.

Given that toenail polish sometimes seems to last as long as the Jurassic period, it's smart to select a shade you'll still like in a month. "Maybe it's the celebratory vibes of this summer in particular," says celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo, "but the biggest hues this season are bright, bold, and happy." A coral, such as (1) Essie Nail Polish in Love-All Game, looks amazing on all skin tones, per Inzerillo. She also loves a mustard, like (2) OPI Nail Lacquer in Marigolden Hour for a pedi paired with a white or pink mani. Or if you're a neutral fan, try a tan, such as (3) OPI Nail Lacquer Polish in El Mat-adoring You, on hands with a teal, like (4) Essie Nail Polish in Main Attraction, on toes. Apply two thin coats of your chosen color, then seal with a top coat.

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