We polled top hairstylists and did some experimenting of our own to bring you these head-turning hair tips.
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1. Achieve fast volume using just hairspray—and the can it comes in! Try this hair tip from New York City hairstylist Lily Campbell: Lift your hair at the crown and spray at the root. Then use the container itself as a roller. Lay hair over the can and wait a few seconds until the spray dries. You'll be left with high volume that lasts.

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2. Stop hair static before it starts. To prevent strands from standing on end, Miami hairstylist Gabriel Samra suggests lightly running aluminum foil over your hair after you've sprayed it with hairspray.

3. Extend the life of your blowout by using a couple of hair ties. Grab some cloth ones—they won't cause creases. Before bed, separate your hair into sections and gently twist them before loosely tying them off. This trick will keep your hair from knotting up while you sleep and will add a nice wave.

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4. Easily add polish to your ponytail. When the underside of your ponytail droops, it screams, "I had no time!" To easily avoid this look, New York City hairstylist David Lopez recommends keeping your head tilted back as far as you can while pulling your hair up into the ponytail. This way, when you bring your neck back to a neutral position, the back area stays sleek.

5. Don't rush to wash your hair after a sweaty workout. Take advantage of your body's natural production of salt via sweating. After the gym, run your fingers through your hair while you blow-dry to get waves similar to the kind you'd get from a sea-salt spray.

6. Sensitive to dye? Just add milk. If you've experienced an itchy or burning scalp when coloring your hair, try adding a splash of milk to the formula next time, says Roman Kusayev, owner of Roman K Salon, in New York City. Milk has natural soothing properties that will prevent any discomfort while the dye sits on your scalp.

7. Know the secret uses of hair serum. Mix your favorite one with conditioner in the shower to create a deep-conditioning treatment. Use it in between dye jobs. Serum's oils and other moisturizers add shine to give fading color a boost. Rub a few drops into the ends of your hair to temporarily seal split ends until you can go in for a trim.

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By Tracy Perez and Devon Abelman