New-Mom Makeovers: Makeup Tricks to Not Look Tired

Having a new baby takes up a lot of time and energy. Misha Shahzada provides new moms with a few tricks on how to brighten your skin.


[MUSIC] Brightening your complexion starts really in skin care. So you always want to gravitate more toward the brightening serums products that are rich in vitamin C. And try to include that into your daily skin care regimen. There isn't an overnight you know, remedy for brightening the skin. It's really all about using it on a consistent basis. And then followed by like a, a nice retinal moisturizer. And then if you wanted to kinda also include it in your foundation, you can use a luminizing tinted moisturizer. Laura Mercier makes a really great one, and that helps add some brightness to the skin. [MUSIC]

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