New-Mom Makeovers: Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Skin Tone

Makeup artist Misha Shahzada shares tips for matching your foundation to your skin tone and determining if you're a cool tone or a warm tone.


[MUSIC] The, the easiest ways to match the right foundation shade to your skin tone, would always be to try applying a little bit of foundation on your jawbone, or on your collarbone. You never really wanna try it on your neck, because your neck tends to get the most shape. So it's not exactly the right color as your face. So you always wanna bring your foundation down. Once you apply it on your face, you wanna bring it down to the neck, so it looks even. Another great way to know if you're a cool tone or a warm tone. I like to always say you can look at the veins on your wrist, and if they're more blue-purple, I, you tend to be on the cooler side, and if they're more green, then you're on like the bronze-yellow side. And that always helps to kind of determine whether you're a warm or a cool color. [MUSIC]

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