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Regional Beauty Trends Compilation
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Millennial moms have a unique approach to beauty. In our special survey, more than 1,500 of you weighed in on the biggest trends, hottest products, go-to hairstyles, and everyday concerns.
Helga Esteb/Shutterstock, JDH Imagez /Splash News
Helga Esteb/Shutterstock, JDH Imagez /Splash News

Moms Love Natural Beauty Looks

Eighty-eight percent of moms prefer Kourtney Kardashian's laid-back style to sister Kim's glamazon look, and 13 percent don't even wear makeup on date night!


Moms Also Love Unnatural Beauty Trends

Fifty-four percent of moms have tried gel manicures; 34 percent have dyed their hair blue, pink, or another nontraditional color; 16 percent have worn lash extensions; 13 percent have rocked temporary jewelry tattoos.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Moms Would Choose Makeup Over Sex

Forty-four percent of moms would rather give up sex for a month than makeup for a month!


Moms Confess to Having Brow Problems

Four out of 5 is the number of moms who admit to being brow challenged. Fear not! You can improve your game by finding the brow-shaping technique that's right for you:


  • Pro: Hairs are removed individually, so there's less room for error. It's the safest method for sensitive skin.
  • Con: Precision requires more time and patience.


  • Pro: Quick and relatively painless; creates the cleanest, most defined look.
  • Con: Because heat is needed, you might get red -- or worse, burned.


  • Pro: Like tweezing but faster, creates a naturally polished look.
  • Con: May result in too much hair removal, and the discomfort factor is high.
Jayme Burrows/Shutterstock
Jayme Burrows/Shutterstock

Moms Prefer the Ponytail

Nearly half of moms wear their hair in a ponytail four or more times a week.

Wish your pony could be perkier? Try an extension! Here's our pick: Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley Collection The Pony, hair2wear.com.

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock
Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

Moms Rely on Pinterest for Hairspiration

Pinterest is moms' number-one source of inspiration when searching for a new 'do. And they're twice as likely as non-millennial moms to have a beauty-themed board.


More Moms Love Dry Shampoo

Thirty-two percent of moms employ this timesaving product. That means a lot of others don't, despite the flood of them now on the market. But take note: Instead of washing, drying, and styling, just spray and go!

We suggest you try one of these top sellers.

  • Best for fine hair Batiste Dry Shampoo (ulta.com) instantly takes away that greasy-roots look.
  • Best for curly hair Deva Curl No-Poo Quick Cleanser (devacurl.com) contains conditioning ingredients to get softness and bounce back into your spirals.
  • Best for brunettes Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk-Natural Tint (kloraneusa.com) doesn't leave any powdery white residue.

Moms Don't Dawdle on Beauty Routines

Seventy-one percent of moms spend 30 minutes or less on their beauty routine, and 13 percent of moms get ready in 10 minutes or less!

Makeup artist Misha Shahzada shares tips for matching your foundation to your skin tone and determining if you're a cool tone or a warm tone.

How do you know what shade of foundation matches your skin tone? Our beauty expert shares the best ways to determine if you're a cool or warm tone.

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Moms Have Mastered the Art of the Selfie

Fifty-six percent of moms take selfies!

Rob Wilson/Shutterstock
Rob Wilson/Shutterstock

Moms' Go-To Beauty Destination Is the Drugstore

Mass merchandisers such as Walmart and Target top the list of where moms shop for their beauty necessities.

Jeffrey Westbrook
Jeffrey Westbrook

Moms Love a Good Floral Perfume

Forty percent of moms picked floral to best describe their current scent. Note to the 17 percent who chose baby spit-up: This too shall pass!

Hot Floral Scents:

  • Philosophy Live Joyously, philosophy.com
  • Fresh Honeysuckle, fresh.com
  • Kate Spade Walk On Air, nordstrom.com
  • Tocca Isabel, tocca.com
  • Bella Vince Camuto, macys.com
Amy Postle
Amy Postle

Moms Share Common Skin Issues

For moms of babies and toddlers, stretch marks are their main concern. Come preschool, acne takes the top spot. The biggest skin issues overall:

  • 27% acne
  • 22% stretch marks
  • 18% dark circles
  • 18% fine lines/wrinkles
  • 15% sun damage
Map: Alessandra Olanow. Products/Legs: Shutterstock
Map: Alessandra Olanow. Products/Legs: Shutterstock

Moms' Beauty Trends Differ by Region

East Coast: Gel manicures are hot everywhere, but especially here.

Midwest: More moms have tried temporary jewelry tattoos.

South: Moms are most likely to spray-tan.

West Coast: Alphabet creams are used the most.

Originally published in the May 2015 issue of Parents magazine.

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